Re-Starting Your Profit Stream

You need money but nobody understands your value in the modern market.

If they did, they would be knocking at your door in order to gain a fastidious, smart, well-mannered and punctual worker for their firm.

Their loss, but not quite your gain; at least not until you take a couple of steps to turn their disadvantage into your market success.


The first thing that a traditional worker must come to accept is that there are few corporations offering lifetime benefits from work to grave. The worker is responsible for his or her own retirement saving, dental-medical, and more.

Company loyalty is a quaint value of the past in most corporate environments. An experienced $25/hr worker is less prone to make mistakes, but is less valuable than the $10/hr high schooler. The former wants benefits, knows his labor rights, and costs more to keep on payroll. The latter has fewer health problems, can be manipulated to meet production demands and is too “fresh faced” to talk back to management.

Why then, do so many older workers desire to get back to the work-a-day cubicle life that they left? Consistency, friends, paycheck, benefits, perception of security, complacency, fear of the unknown, lack of self worth, low confidence, rusty skills, and more are thrown into the “hat” as reasons for wanting to return to that bygone way of life.

However, this ball and chain are already broken. Corporate America did that years ago. These “slaves to the system” are free, but simply don’t know it. They exist in a state of cognitive dissonance, where they cannot comprehend the fact of freedom and their mind rebels against it.


I want to explore where people can go to make new lives for themselves. I want many readers to see themselves in these words and rise to the opportunity and occasion to take destiny into their own hands.

In this regard, I am asking….NO… I am telling YOU that YOU have the skills to be in business, NOW! Yep. That’s right. No lie.

“Give us an example’, you scream back at me in disbelief.

OK: You can be a professional genealogist right now.

“How?”, you ask.

Set up your business as a sole proprietor. Name it after yourself. “John Smith Genealogy Research” will do, just fine. Get a free email for your business like or some such. Google gives you a free website with your email, so look at other genealogy websites and emulate their success (note that I did not say to copy-paste their text; only to offer similar services in your own words).

Then, get on the forums. Set up professional network and social network pages on LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Google+. Join their community groups on each and follow their forums. Contribute to discussions to grow your credibility. Get a free blog like this one on WordPress and speak to your experiences in learning research and setting up a business. As you grow in knowledge, you will begin to blog about techniques, methods and ideas in research that will benefit others.

Post your blog site to forums so that others can follow you. Use the internet to locate the many professional sites where you can post a free listing for your business services.


Note carefully that all of the ideas offered to become a genealogist are FREE outside of your time and effort. You can do them all from a computer at a local public library during a single day’s session.

None the less, many workers are spending their days eternally updating the same resume, looking through piles of dead-end job listings, filling out welfare forms, and watching soap operas, instead of bootstrapping themselves up like the Rugged Individuals that they are.

This blog will address the ways in which job seekers can become self-employed, go-getters, so stand by for some tough love followed by a health dose of entrepreneurial enlightenment.

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